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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Helter Skelter Part I: Indian Style

As the bloodshed of the Mumbai Massacre (aka India's 9/11?) settles into the collective conscious, and media reports attempt to make sense of the 60 hour standoff which saw the deaths of over 200, spread across 10 locations and supposedly carried out by roughly 15 individuals...the world waits to see if the fish will take the worm. Has India been baited (9/11=False Flag) to strike at their neighbor Pakistan, yet again?

Without going into a massive history lesson, two things stand out when we Peer Through the Looking Glass... the signals are there ...1947 and the TRIDENT.

Britannia with TRIDENT in Greenwich, England (Maritime Signals)

Pakistan and India gained independence from Britannia collectively on August 14th and 15th, 1947. Within two months the two countries declared war upon one another on October 20th. It is my belief (as well as others) that 1947 is perhaps one of the most highly significant years in modern history (more on this next time!). It is also during this time that the mystical region known as KASHMIR was divided, and remains one of the most hotly contested areas on the planet.

One of the symbolic landmarks [along with the Taj Mahal & Oberoi TRIDENT Hotels] connected with the attacks is The Gateway of India, which was built to commemorate a December visit to then Bombay by King George V and Queen MARY in 1911... The GATE was opened on December 4, 1924

The Gateway of India with Taj Mahal hotel to the left...

We skip ahead... to roughly on or about December 3rd, 1971, and the start of the Indo-Pakistani War . The Indian Navy launched a highly successful MARITIME attack on the Pakistani port city of Karachi, known as Operation TRIDENT. Only 5 days later India would carry out Operation Python effectively crippling Pakistan economically, and ending the War in less than 10 days. December 4th is now celebrated as Navy (Maritime) Day across India.

The hermaphrodite Shiva...The Destroyer?

We see that the TRIDENT of Shiva plays an important role in the unfolding drama of the region. Shiva the Destroyer...another symbol associated with Lord Shiva is the cresent MOON (Chandra). On October 22nd, 2008 India launched and successfully landed (the evening of Nov. 14th) the Chandrayaan-1 probe on the Moon...making it only the 5th Country to do so, leavingG. Madhavan Nair (head of the Indian Space Research Organization) to say "We have given the moon to India."

The Israeli BARACK (Lightning) Missile

4 days after the Indian MOON landing, on November 18th, an Indian warship using BARACK missiles, the INS Tabar (AX), sank a vessel in the Gulf of Aden which was thought to be a pirate "MOTHERSHIP". The Indian Navy deployed the DESTROYER INS Mysore earlier this week to fight pirates in the region. Mysore is an anglicized version of Mahishūru, which means the abode of Mahisha. Mahisha stands for Mahishasura, a demon from the Hindu mythology.

Aboard the Indian Navy's INS Trishul (Trident)

Oddly, the cresent moon is actually considered the "New Moon" in older traditions such as the Vedic and Judiac, and yet The Western "New Moon" was at it's lowest level of Illumination at 10:25 pm Mumbai time on the evening of November 27th, 2008. The Maritime based attacks in Mumbai are said to have begun around 9:15pm and to have subsided for the night at around 10:50...roughly placing the MOON at it's dimest as blood rained down across Mumbai.

The cresent moon worn always at Shiva's crown (head) is said to connect Shiva to SOMA:

from wikipedia...
In Hindu art, the god Soma was depicted as a bull or bird, and sometimes as an embryo, but rarely as an adult human. In Hinduism, the god Soma evolved into a lunar deity. [Isis/Ishtar/Mary] The moon is the cup from which the gods drink Soma, and so Soma became identified with the moon god Chandra. A waxing moon meant Soma was recreating himself, ready to be drunk again. Alternatively, Soma's twenty-seven wives were the star goddesses, the Nakshatras - daughters of the cosmic progenitor Daksha - who told their father that he paid too much attention to just one of them, Rohini. Daksha subsequently cursed Soma to wither and die, but the wives intervened and the death became periodic and temporary, and is symbolized by the waxing and waning of the moon.

Terence McKenna, the former esoteric psychedelic enthusiast and intellectual, believed that soma was a hallucinogen, but was puzzled by its apparent complete, cultural disappearance . "The 9th Mandala of the Rig Veda especially goes into great detail about Soma and states that Soma stands above the Gods. Soma is the supreme entity."

There are numerous mountain regions in the northwest Indian subcontinent which have cool and dry conditions where soma plant can grow. In later Vedic texts the mention of best soma plant coming from Kashmir has been mentioned. This is also supported by the presence of high concentration of Vedic Brahmans in Kashmir up to the present day who settled there in ancient times because of the easy availability of soma plant.

New archeological discovery of ancient Aryan ruins found in Turkmenistan has shown that soma was probably coming from their culture. Archeological researches show that Aryan soma drink consisted of mixture of opium, cannabis and Ephedra.

From the late 1960s onwards, several studies attempted to establish soma as a psychoactive substance. A number of proposals were made, including an important one in 1968 by R. Gordon Wasson, an amateur mycologist, who asserted that soma was an inebriant, and suggested fly-agaric mushroom, Amanita muscaria, as the likely candidate. Wasson and his co-author, Wendy Doniger O'Flaherty, drew parallels between Vedic descriptions and reports of Siberian uses of the fly-agaric in shamanic ritual.

In Aldous Huxley's dystopian novel Brave New World, Soma is a popular dream-inducing drug. It provides an easy escape from the hassles of daily life and is employed by the government as a method of control through pleasure.

It came to light earlier this week through toxicology reports, and syringes found on the scene that the suspected gunmen had traces of LSD, Cocaine and other amphetamine/steroids in their blood systems...

The "official" story is that these "highly" trained Islamic "terrorists" (for which drugs and alcohol are strictly forbidden) used this bizarre cocktail to stay awake during their siege of Mumbai. Personally, I can't think of a worse drug choice than LSD to ingest before going on a commando-style killing spree...besides the obviously mind-altering hallucinatory effects, the mix might have had legs for 12 to 15 hours but then it would likely have required another 12 to 15 hour period to sleep it off; without them being literally dead on their feet...something doesn't add up here. It is my belief that perhaps these individuals had attempted to create their own bathtub batch of SOMA, looking for diviness from The DESTROYER in their acts...however, this would more likely mean the men were of the Hindu faith (or none at all) and not radical Muslims.

At the very least, an inside job...

PLEASE don't forget to read Loren Coleman's "India's 911: Synchronicity and Coincidence in Mumbai" or Ben Fairhall's "Mumbai Reflections" & his newest, "The Dark Tower".

Next time we follow the TRIDENT into the psychedelic 1960's...


The Secret Sun said...

Fascinating to see the link between Britannia- aka Nike aka Minerva- and Shiva, since both are gender benders in heir own way. And the trident itself has amorphous connotations, as well as links to Poseidon and Oannes and the Snake Kings and all the rest.

As to the false flag theorizing- that's par for the course- it's all part of the op.

Jonathon Moore said...

Amazing entry... especially while listening to Kashmir by Led Zepplin.

Anonymous said...

india's nuclear power station also is also a lookalike of the shiva lingam

I personally love the shiva legend. his aspect of destroyer isn't considered bad amongst shaivites as it all depends on what he is destroying. Shiva is considered an outcaste god and loves all. he is considered to be benevolent and happy most of the time. he likes cannabis and music too. he does have a dark side to him as well though.

Anonymous said...

Trident / Tridentis meaning "three tooth" , "three pronged"


the Dentals in English are :
DNT that is 4.14.20

each a part of 10.
TEN (Aten?!)

point line plane solid (ToL)

prong Definition

prong (prôŋ)


1. any of the pointed ends of a fork; tine
2. any pointed projecting part, as the tip of an antler

Etymology: LME pronge, akin to MLowG prangen, to press, pinch, Ger pranger, pillory

transitive verb
to pierce, lift, or break up with a prong

prong Synonyms


spine, spur, spike; see fastener.


dent (dent)

a toothlike projection as in a gearwheel, lock, etc.

Etymology: Fr < L dens, tooth

so our teeth are projections as in a gearwheel/lock. which would suffice "unlocking the word of God". Which is what Neptune did with a "word" to either stir up or calm down" the storms.

Three DNT
Try Dent
Three tooth

how many teeth? 3.
Tri = 3
# of Tooth = 3 (just like DNT)


Which does have some relation to speech because, we do write what we think and we SAY what we have in thought.

Tooth implies BITE imo.
Dent implies impression. Which is what a bite does once released from its clench - It has left an impression.

So we are to assume I guess that the 3-3 will leave an impression with a word?

dinosaur genus, 1892, from Gk. trikeratos "three-horned" + ops "face." The first element is from tri- "three" + keras (gen. keratos) "horn."

trident Look up trident at
c.1450, from L. tridentem (nom. tridens; gen. tridentis) "three-pronged, three-toothed," from tri- "three" + dens (gen. dentis) "tooth" . As a type of U.S. nuclear-powered submarine, recorded from 1972.

Then there is this:

tooth Look up tooth at
O.E. toð (plural teð), from P.Gmc. *tanth, *tunth (cf. O.S., Dan., Swed., Du. tand, O.N. tönn, O.Fris. toth, O.H.G. zand, Ger. Zahn, Goth. tunþus), from PIE *dont-/*dent- "tooth" (cf. Skt. danta, Gk. odontos, L. dens, Lith. dantis, O.Ir. det, Welsh dent).

We have teeth... implying SOUND because they are located in the mouth. Which is Pei in "Hebrew". Which is a G, spun. And I suppose a peg would be a tooth when put properly together. In Arabic the word for mouth is - fam (family?).

And what do we write on? Pa-per.
What do our words fall on? Lips, Air, Paper, Stone, Animal skin, deaf ears :P etc Interesting note: Words printed for news-papers. Who controls that? Images on TV are virtual expressions of words are they not? With images of Pe-O-Ple expressing what is not written only they speak what has been written in the images you see.

Neptune commands with a "Word".

Pe is is nEPtune.
Pe-ntune (its perhaps one of those VE-225 NUS sun kinda deals or YOU ARE A SUN URA-NUS)

P is PI ?

The OMnific word? Which is odd because in your picture of Shiva, in the DENT of her throat, she wears OM/AUM in letter/pictograph form.

And I would assume that through PI one could calm or stir up. And considering PI is from a diameter of 1 in a circle O reminds me of


tri: tent, dent, nent
that would be:
trid, trit, trin

Three has always been interesting to me because if you spell out the letter TEE and add HR one would get "three" from THR. TEE AITCH ARE
- If we take the H for aspiration and remove it we would get TREE.
Which is TEN revealing 1+2+3+4 and D=10 though digging deeper one would find point, line, plane, solid. The "Tree".

Looking at the "tree" I see Delta - plane at 3. 1+2+3=6. Funny if you were to expand each of those individually, one would get TEN (1+(1+2)+(1+2+3)=10 and 1+2 would thus be 1+(1+2)=4=TEN and one could arrive through expansion of 1+2. A+B=D

And wouldn't you know that "SPEECH" and "ISIS" and "THREE" are all 56. sPEech

Which in numerology would be 11 (a master number) but reduced would be 2 which is B which is made from a 1 and a 3. 123 ABCDELTA

(some of my notes come from the )

How does one spell out the word PI?
PE-EYE or PeA (isnt I one?) thus; PEI would brings us to PA-per and PE-O-PLE - O being a pictograph for PI. Mouth - Image of PI - PLE .
The sound "p-uh as in p-uff coupled with EYE makes the word PI.

Genesis 1:3 is,

"3 And God said, "Let there be light," and there was light.

Which brings me back to OM / AUM .

ALLA (H)=26 (H is silent for aspiration!)
YHVH= 26, yud, heh, vav, heh = 10+5+6+5=26

The English Language has 26 letters. Y? ( I might add "WHY" as 56 as well)

We were created IN his IMAGE. Well what image is that? What is the image of God? Is it what God sees in the MIRROR? (Looking glass). Made from sand?

A word unspoken is a thought. A word SPOKE-n is SPEECH. To Speak requires the mouth to open and sound come out.


then to me, it makes sense that these are related! Afterall, some do say that knowledge is the key. It is the most treasured possession. Which is knowing the ledges of thought which has infinite expressions? Or is that impressions? I would gather knowledge effects everyone differently and would feed different emotions individually.

Ah the possibilities.

Sound, Noise or Harmony? Spoken or unspoken?

Noise itself is interesting. Considering Harm can be done by noise it suprises me that HARM-ony is regarding as such coherent order of sound.

Oh yes, I can not leave out:


Old English tind. Cognate with German Zinne.

tine (plural tines)

1. A spike or point on an implement or tool, especially a prong of a fork or a tooth of a comb
2. A small branch, especially on an antler or horn


From Germanic, of unknown ultimate origin. Cognate with Old High German zint, Old Norse tindr, and related to Old High German zinna (German Zinne ‘pinnacle’).

[edit] Pronunciation

* IPA: /tɪnd/

[edit] Noun

tind m (plural tindas)

1. a point or prong on a weapon or implement; a tine

It has sound pitch written all over it! Great Neptune and its Trident. What sound could Neptune create in the heavens that would destroy or calm with a word?

What if -- it was a TUNE-ing fork?
You know, to make sure you have the right PITCH in your voice? What if your trident collect sound and reverberated such that it would cause a "stir-up" or a "calming effect".

Like the HARP in Harry Potter lulling the beast to sleep.

Im even more amazed when I find this:


Zinne f. (genitive Zinne, plural Zinnen)

1. merlon - Any of the projections between the embrasures of a battlement.

wth is an embrasure you ask?
embrasure (plural embrasures)

1. (architecture, military) Any of the indentations between the merlons of a battlement





indentation (plural indentations)

1. The act of indenting or state of being indented.
2. A notch or recess, in the margin or border of anything; as, the indentations of a leaf, of the coast, etc.
3. A recess or sharp depression in any surface.
4. The act of beginning a line or series of lines at a little distance within the flush line of the column or page, as in the common way of beginning the first line of a paragraph.
5. The measure of the distance; as, an indentation of one em, or of two ems.

So, a notch or recess in the per rim meter ? Impression? Which leaves a mark. To mark with an indention.

A point = < Middle English point < Old French point (“‘a point, dot, full stop, period, speck, hole, stitch, point of time, moment, difficulty, etc.’”) < Latin punctum (“‘a point, puncture’”), prop. a hole punched in, neut. of punctus, pp. of pungere (“‘to prick, punch’”)

A Prong = 1. A thin, pointed, projecting part - as in, a pitchfork with four prongs.
2. A branch; a fork - as in, the two prongs of a river.

DENT = c.1325, "a strike or blow," dialectal variant of M.E. dint (q.v.); sense of "indentation" first recorded 1565, apparently infl. by indent.

DINT= O.E. dynt "blow dealt in fighting" (especially by a sword), from P.Gmc. *duntiz. Phrase by dint of ... "by force of, by means of," is c.1330.

Which I stumbled onto:

cog (plural cogs)

# A tooth on a gear
# A gear; a cogwheel
# A unimportant individual in a greater system.
# (carpentry) a projection or tenon at the end of a beam designed to fit into a matching opening of another piece of wood to form a joint

labial, dental, guttural

The trident seems to me to be one long pole with its own tip, and itself dividing something in half at the top. As if the divided half was something the long Spearish pole, PUNCHED through.

Or being joined together?

A thorn is also three pointed and is highly similiar to the letter P but it really is TH (Theta) which is dh sometimes and d with a dash through its top line. Come to think of it, wasn't the last name of the Omen family Thorn? Damien Thorn? The "O" men.

I just get the distinct "impression" that good things are being used to subdue us into thinking it is good when it really is not. Like the NOT SEE symbol. They took something sacred and good and full of knowledge of oral tradition and used it for .... War and chaos etc. And taking good things and telling us they are bad while they use these things to make bad behind the scenes.


Anonymous said...

It's me *shrug*

I wanted to add this:



direct link:

If this isn't a 1234 I don't know what is?

What is a Bishopric? I will have to look this one up!

bish·op·ric (bis̸h′əp rik)


1. the church district controlled by a bishop; diocese
2. the office, authority, or rank of a bishop

Etymology: ME bischopriche < OE bisceoprice < bisceop (see bishop) + rice: see archbishopric
bishopric Synonyms


diocese, see, episcopate, episcopacy, prelacy, archbishopric, primacy, prelature, prelateship, archiepiscopacy, pontificate, bishopdom.

It "seems" though it was the shield of a Hospital. I wonder how whomever did this "deed" and what the deed was? Leaving a clue to find in truth 740 years later? Surely someone else has noticed it who is not in the "all knowing" crowd.

Anonymous said...

To suggest that Shiva is a hermaphrodite just shows that your not just laying down the facts your putting in your own biased opinion. Shiva is male. If you had actually bothered to read up on him you would know this. Also he is the destroyer of inner demons and the darkside that we may have. And to relate the shootings to trident is just plain stupid why would you leave a trail? Also doesn't the USA have the trident missile program? Don't tell me they're in on it too. Too use wikipedia as source where anybody canchange the details is just sad.

FilmNoir23 said...

Hey ANON! Guess what?...Suggesting that Shiva's dual nature is hermaphroditic is NOT a singular take on my part, plenty of scholars have suggested just that and is NOT the basis of any prejudice on my part one way or the frankly, FUCK you. I DID BOTHER to investigate that aspect, and it was merely hinted at on my was NOT the basis on my article anyway.

BOTH the US and Great Britain have trident missle programs. So what...?

Being able to leave a trail is the prerogative of ANYONE or ANY group and for YOU to suggest that it is "stupid" is YOUR opinion and does NOT mean that it isn't done. The arrogant nature of such an act is not unheard of...Serial Killers are often known to do just such things...

If you have some particular beef with wikipedia or ANY other source that is YOUR problem. This happens to be a BLOG, and I am FREE to express any theory that I would like. I DO NOT claim to know any truth to ANY question that I raise in my writing. However, it is MY right as a human being to question ANY event that I choose. In my opinion, the second that I stop doing so, is the same second that I stop being a critical thinker and thus lose my humanity.

Thanks for reading...