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Monday, December 10, 2007

A Bowl of Oranges, a Golden Compass Part One: or "Bowling for Geronimo"

William S. Burroughs' "Thanksgiving Prayer"
"America is not a young land: it is old and dirty and evil. Before the settlers, before the Indians. The evil is there waiting." --William S. Burroughs

Is America cursed? Is it possible that we are living in a real life Poltergeist movie as we parade around on the graves of hundreds of thousands of Native American bones. I think researcher Goro Adachi may have stumbled across more than just a modern day "Trojan War" scenario in his latest "Orange Revolution" connections. In his current system an ORANGE is equated with the GOLDEN APPLE, and TURKEY with Troy. If you haven't been following Goro's work, it is fascinating material.

Consider Thanksgiving or Turkey Day as it is affectionately known here in the States...Other than stuffing ourselves with food what things come to mind when pondering this exclusively American holiday? For me, it has to be the American Indian, American Football, The Thanksgiving Day parade (or funeral procession) in the Big APPLE [historically broadcast on NBC whose peacock logo also resembles a holiday Turkey] and the seasonal color Orange...Consider some of the events of the past few weeks:

The Maroon and Gold of the Washington, D.C. "Redskins"

1) November 27, 2007: Washington Redskins free safety Sean Taylor dies one day after a fatal gunshot wound received during a break-in at his Miami, Florida home. Although Taylor's home had been burglerized just 8 days before by the same 4 suspects (3 teens and 1 20 year old), they return, and surprised by Taylor's presence in his own home they shot him in the leg rupturing an artery which would lead to his death. Taylor's own troubled past finally catches up to him in the most ironic way...Sean's nickname in Pro circles was "Meast" or half man half beast. The D.C. based "Redskins" play their home games at "FED-EX" field ***important as this will resurface shortly***

The hidden "arrow" logo of FedEX.

2) December 2nd, 2007: College Football's Bowl Bids are announced. Two interesting games emerge, The New Year's Day "ROSE" Bowl played in Orange County, California will showcase The University of Southern California "TROJANS" against The Illinois "FIGHTING ILLINI". Do not forget the significance of O.J. (ORANGE Juice) Simpson, as he played at Southern California where he won The Heisman Trophy in 1968. On November 8th at O.J.'s preliminary hearing he is held over for trial, and is facing 12 felony counts.

The "crowned" Orange logo of the FedEx Orange Bowl

On Jan. 3rd, we move to Miami for the ORANGE Bowl with features The Virginia Tech "Hokies" (a "Hokie" is basically a TURKEY) against the OZ resonating Kansas Jayhawks (See Thuther's Thoughts for his recent OZ Spell articles, VERY interesting stuff). Virginia Tech was the site of the horrific mass shooting back in April that was part of The Ceres Death Ritual. This game sponsored by "FED-EX" will be the last for the historic "ORANGE" Bowl as it is scheduled to demolished in '08. It is also the stadium in which Sean Taylor played his college ball at The University of Miami known as the "Hurricanes".

The Maroon and Orange billed Hokiebird Turkey of Virginia Tech

The young Hawk becomes hunter...

3) December 5th 2007: 19 year-old Robert Hawkins walks into an Omaha, Nebraska shopping mall shooting 13 people, killing 8 before taking his own life. Omaha can be viewed in a number of was the codename given to the area of Normandy in France where U.S. forces landed on D-Day during WWII. Navajo Indians were used as codetalkers during WWII as dramatized by Masonic poster boy Nicolas Cage in his 2002 appearance in "Windtalkers". It was also pointed out to me by frequent contributer VAPO that OMAHA is one of the many names attributed to the color ORANGE used in safety related situations.

Safety Orange is used to set things apart from their surroundings, particularly in complementary contrast to the blue color of the sky. The color is commonly used for clothing to be worn while hunting. Obviously Vice President Dick Cheney doesn't respond to Omaha Orange.

Gotta love those "Golden" Arches. Still frame AD embedded in an "Iron Chef" commercial

Robert Hawkins, ward of the state, ADD kid, and most recent killing spree "crazy" unleashed on the American public had just recently been fired from his job at McDonald's (ah, those GOLDEN arches) and was a high school dropout. It is interesting to note that Hawkins had attended Papillion-La Vista High School...whose mascot is a Monarch. Oddly not the monarch that we would associate with papillion (French for butterfly) but of the more royal kind. Say like, William of Orange?

The Papillion LaVista Monarchs: Maroon & Gold

In 1999 Papillion LaVista High School was used as the location for director Constantine Alexander Payne's darkly comic film "Election" It is the January 8th election in Pakistan which coincides with the New Hampshire primary here in the U.S. which Goro points to as HIGHLY significant to the world in the coming month.

Orange clad Archer of the gridiron Tim Tebow

4) December 8th, 2007: Florida Gator Sophmore Quarterback Tim Tebow (as in Bow and Arrow) wins the Heisman Trophy. He also became the first NCAA player to rush and pass for 20 touchdowns in a season.

MM & Robert Hawkins could be twins, no?

5) December 9th, 2007: Disgruntled lone gunman Matthew Murray (MM) shoots 8, killing 5 at two separate Christian related locations in Colorado. The shootings were about 3o mins. and 80 miles that even possible? Early reports suggest that Mr. Murray had once worked with the "Youth with a Mission" organization which is also directly affiliated with New Life Church, the second of the two locations. Youth with a Mission has had a number of complaints over the past twenty-five years related to the treatment of members from superiors.

Thanks to the eLLUMINATI blog for use of this image map tracing the Orange Alignment of recent "Golden" events.

Later in the day out in San Francisco, a fan attending the San Francisco 49ers vs. Minnesota Vikings game fell to his death at Monster Park (formerly Candlestick). The Gold/Orange theme continues just in case you hadn't noticed...

Miner 49er "Sourdough Sam"

6) December 10th, 2007: Former Virginia Tech Quarterback Michael Vick is sentenced to 23 months in prison for his role in running illegal dog-fighting from a home in Northern Virginia which he owned.

Former Atlas (Atlanta) Falconer Michael Vick turns on man's best friend

Check back soon to see why any of this makes sense...


iAdmin said...

Wow, amazing developments! I didn't know that "Omaha" was code for orange. It's ridiculous that the shooter's school mascot is the MONARCH. So many things are going on, I'm glad everyone is working together to piece it all together.

Vapo said...

Hello Todd ~ Excellent post and EFFORT! I think this is the Rabbit hole that is going to prove to be pure gold(en). There is so much more so stay with it..will be in touch again.

Bee Well and have a GRT8 day!


JB said...

80 miles in 30 minutes? What was he driving, the Mach 5 from Speed Racer?!

All of this orange/golden apple stuff is leading to the New Trojan War beyond the shadow of a doubt, and is somehow pointing in the direction of San Francisco...

A "terrorist" attack at Starfleet Headquarters?

Michael said...

That's a great orange bunch, Todd. Allow me to add my own gay two sense: Anita Bryant, Miss America, Florida Orange Juice spokesmodel: "a breakfast without orange juice is like a day without sunshine!"

She was also the first great anti-gay icon. She was the focus of a great deal of hatred on both sides, until it came out that her own son was gay. I'd say something witty about navel oranges, but you get the drift.

Vapo said...

JB mentioned San Francisco..mmm.. lets see.. the BRIDGE is painted International(OMAHA)ORANGE.. the movie ORANGE SUNSHINE is due out in 08..its about the Summer of 68, ORANGE SUNSHINE acid and the drug culture in San Francisco(Manson)..until next time

Bee Well and have a great day!


David said...

The land does not like you...

Good stuff Todd. Really good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hi Todd,

You got me with this one Todd. I've been positively drowning in extra pulpy OJ myself of late. Finally it is your post that demands a response.

Check Out 'Ascorbic Acid' over at The WWWiz for some additional juice.

Later Dude.

FilmNoir23 said...

I am honored by you all...and humbled by your individual knowledge.

Yes indeed David...that is at the very heart of it.

Ben Fairhall said...

Just to correct you on one thing, if I may, Todd. The Colorado shootings by Matthew Murray were 12 hours and seventy miles apart.

Anonymous said...

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