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Thursday, November 20, 2008


Researcher Christopher Knowles (among others) current MEME on SIRIUS bring up a quite profound observation of the DOG STAR being a binary star and therefore it acts a mirror of itself. According to Knowles..."We're seeing a lot of twin numbers in this whole saga. Remember that Sirius is a binary star. A fact which I'm beginning to believe may lie at the root of all of the twin/dual symbolism we see in esotericism..."

...or one could contend an "As above, so below" resonator. I find myself in full agreement currently, as further research into the current wave of SIRIUS related symbolism has uncovered yet another anomaly connected to the date of December 5th, 2007.

Another event on that date which now seems to be mirroring ahead in time was the sudden death of world famous composer Karlheinz what, right? Perhaps, until you consider that Stockhausen's highly experimental works (and theories) influenced an entire generation of musicians, including The Beatles; who would include his face on the infamous Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band album.

Earlier this week, we learned that ex-Beatle Sir Paul McCartney would like to release one of the most mythical of perhaps all thier known recordings, "The Carnival of LIGHT" a close to 14-minute experimental piece recorded in 1967 for the Million Volt Light and Sound Rave. According to McCartney "it does exist" and "the time has come for it to get it's moment"

The piece was inspired, McCartney says, by the works of composers John Cage and Karlheinz Stockhausen. In his book Complete Beatles Recording Sessions, author Mark Lewisohn - who was played the track in 1987 - describes 'distorted, hypnotic drum and organ sounds, a distorted lead guitar, the sound of a church organ, various effects (water gargling was one) and, perhaps most intimidating of all, Lennon and McCartney screaming and bawling random phrases including "Are you all right?" and '"Barcelona!".'

From the Nov. 17th edition of The Star PHOENIX
"In order for Carnival of Light to be released, McCartney would have to get the agreement of Ringo STARR and the estates of John Lennon and George Harrison. According to the BBC, McCartney had wanted to include the track on The Beatles' Anthology compilations in the mid-1990s, but the rest of the band vetoed the idea."

...this would come on the heels of McCartney dismissing another Beatle legend just the week prior, when he shot down claims of the "smoking gun" to the identity of song namesame "Eleanor Rigby".

CD cover for Stockhausen's SIRIUS

Stockhausen composed the science fictionesque theatrical opera SIRIUS ...SIRIUS had been commissioned by the West German Government in 1975 for the bicentenial festivities in the United States, and was performed live at the Albert Einstein Spacearium on July 15th, 1976. An interesting title he selected for our countries Anniversary, no?

Stockhausen's own drawing to chart the flow of the SIRIUS work.

Wikipedia provides some other interesting background on the SIRIUS project, and for a fantasic overview of Stockhausen's SIRIUS read this article:

When Stockhausen's daughter, Julika (aged 5 or 6 at the time), asked for a dog, he obtained one for her and named it Sirius, after the star in the constellation Canis Major, which was in his mind because he had just finished composing Sternklang ("Star-sound", 1971). Shortly afterward, he chanced upon a passage in a book by Jakob Lorber describing Sirius as the sun at the center of our universe, and this fired his imagination:

Other snippets of vitally important information then came to me through a couple of revelatory dreams. Crazy dreams, from which it emerged that not only did I come from Sirius itself, but that, in fact, I completed my musical education there.

Stockhausen never explained these dreams in detail , maintaining that "It would lead to misunderstanding and false interpretation". In the composer’s imagination, for beings from the planets of the Sirius system, "everything is music, or the art of co-ordination and harmony of vibrations. . . . The art is very highly developed there, and every composition on Sirius is related to the rhythms of nature . . . the seasons, the rhythms of the stars." Stockhausen’s composition therefore is based on "the cycles and rhythms of nature—of the seasons—with all of their characteristics, and to the planets, animals, and to the twelve main characters of human beings"

It is interesting to note that the above mentioned Jakob Lorber, a Christian mystic & visionary, was oft critisized for his use of anti-semetic rants...while it is generally accepted that Stockhausen himself had spent much of his life trying to rid himself of the memories of having lost his institutionalized mother to the Nazi eugenics program.

In my "December, 5th 2007 Revisited" article, I attempted to show how events which took place on that date might somehow be reflecting into recent events unfolding, and PERHAPS the rise in neo-Nazi subtext that appears to be following along side the Barack Obama VICTORY in the U.S. Presidental campaign. The Austrian/Italian celebration of "Krumpus" on Dec. 5th might just be the tip of the symbolism surrounding this date, as it also served as the Faunus or Day of Pan in Ancient Rome.

It becomes virtually impossible to bring up PAN without mentioning ole Aleister Crowley [also found on the cover of Sgt. Pepper] who wrote the famous "Hymn to Pan" and about The Night of Pan in The Book of Lies, and Liber VII. In his commentary from the chapter "Sabbath of the Goat" in The Book of Lies, Crowley gives the following explaination:

It is explained that this triad lives in Night, the Night of Pan, which is mystically called N.O.X., and this O is identified with the O in this word. N is the Tarot symbol, Death; and the X or Cross is the sign of the Phallus. NOX adds to 210, which symbolizes the reduction of duality to unity, and thence to negativity, and is thus a hieroglyph of the Great Work.
The word Pan is then explained, {Pi}, the letter of Mars, is a hieroglyph of TWO PILLARS, and therefore suggest duality; A, by its shape, is the pentagram, energy, and N, by its Tarot attribution, is death. NOX is then further explained, and it is shown that the ultimate Trinity, O!, is supported, or fed, by the process of death and begetting, which are the laws of the universe...It is then asserted that the ultimate letter A has two names, or phases, Life and Death.
For you synchromaniax out there, this Crowlian interpretation of PAN falls directly in line with the early video work of Jake Kotze and a deeper written investigation at The Stygian Port entitled "Pan's Labyrinth".

This brings us to Stockhausen again, and comments he made publically after the events of 911 . Without going into too much detail, his seven part opera LICHT (LIGHT) composed between 1977 & 2003 follows the archetypes Michael, Lucifer and Eve as it's main characters, and is the basis for the references that follow.

In a press conference in Hamburg [The Beatles yet again...?] on 16 September 2001, Stockhausen was asked by a journalist whether the characters in Licht were for him "merely some figures out of a common cultural history" or rather "material appearances". The composer replied, "I pray daily to Michael, but not to Lucifer. I have renounced him. But he is very much present, like in New York recently". The same journalist then asked how the events of September 11th had affected him, and how he viewed reports of the attack in connection with the harmony of humanity represented in Hymnen [released in 1967, the same year the Beatles recorded "Carnival of Light"]. He answered:

Well, what happened there is, of course—now all of you must adjust your brains—the biggest work of art there has ever been. The fact that spirits achieve with one act something which we in music could never dream of, that people practise ten years madly, fanatically for a concert. And then die. [Hesitantly.] And that is the greatest work of art that exists for the whole Cosmos. Just imagine what happened there. There are people who are so concentrated on this single performance, and then five thousand people are driven to Resurrection. In one moment. I couldn't do that. Compared to that, we are nothing, as composers. [...] It is a crime, you know of course, because the people did not agree to it. They did not come to the "concert". That is obvious. And nobody had told them: "You could be killed in the process."

As a result of the reaction to the press report of Stockhausen's comments, a four-day festival of his work in Hamburg was canceled. In addition, his pianist daughter announced to the press that she would no longer appear under the name "Stockhausen".

In a subsequent message, he stated that the press had published "false, defamatory reports" about his comments, and clarified as follows:

At the press conference in Hamburg, I was asked if Michael, Eve and Lucifer were historical figures of the past and I answered that they exist now, for example Lucifer in New York. In my work, I have defined Lucifer as the cosmic spirit of rebellion, of anarchy. He uses his high degree of intelligence to destroy creation. He does not know love. After further questions about the events in America, I said that such a plan appeared to be Lucifer's greatest work of art. Of course I used the designation "work of art" to mean the work of destruction personified in Lucifer. In the context of my other comments this was unequivocal.

Back in February of this year, The Beatles were also creating quite a stir...for my incapsulated version of events and posts by other researchers click the link for "Happiness is a Warm Sun".

Coming up, I'll be taking a much closer look at Crowley & Thelema's "Night of Pan" and how it could relate directly to our current state of affairs as presented by Goro Adachi in his newest article "Mayan Palingenesis".


The Secret Sun said...

Man, I knew something was up with that track. Good work.

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Why so Sirius?

Indras Net said...

Wow, siriusly interesting, i started picking up on beatles synchs after reading happyness is a warm sun, then found that saturn and uranus are aligning as they did in the 60s, and even more recently we entered the 6th day of galactic underworld in the mayan calendar, which has cyclic roots in the renaissance and the 60s, Flower children, beatles, rising suns, keep up the great work man, be well

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You do realise, of course, that the merchant ship taken by Somalian pirates in the Gulf of Aden recently was... the Sirius Star?

If you mentioned this in your piece, I apologise!

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Thanks all!

I didn't bother to mention the "Sirius Star" incident because it has been covered by Chris Knowles and others...

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I'm sure this has been covered but popped into my head..sync boy Keanu Reeves' band was called "Dog Star"...