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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Never forget the 5th of December

The Chairman of the Arkansas Medical Board was seriously injured this morning when his Lexus Hybrid exploded outside of his home in West Memphis, Arkansas. According to the ATF, a bomb was responsible for the explosion. Dr. Trent P. Pierce was airlifted to Regional Medical Center just across the Mississippi River in Memphis, Tenn. (TWIN)

No motive or suspects currently has been noted in preliminary reports that Dr. Pierce doesn't cast votes at Medical Board proceedings, thus ruling out any direct connections to his position with the Medical Board. According to the Arkansas Medical Board website, the next meeting of the Board was to take place Feb. 5th-6th...I have to wonder what might have taken place over these two days?

However...Consider my recent exploration of the Murder of former Arkansas TV- anchorwoman Anne Pressley, and her direct and potentially ominous connection to former Vice-President Dick Cheney.

During Miss Pressley's struggle to survive her fatal injuries, six St. Vincent's Hospital staffers (Dr.'s are NOT considered staff at St. Vincent's) illegally accessed her private medical data prior to her death. The active CEO of St. Vincent's Health Systems of Arkansas is one Peter Banko, whom, incidentally also happened to oversee the same hospital that Dick Cheney hunting "victim" Harry Whittington was admitted to in Texas back in 2006. Under Banko's watch, Mr. Whittington's medical files were also inappropriately viewed by hospital staff.

Banko was the vice president of a Texas hospital system in 2006 when Vice President Dick Cheney shot and wounded a friend while hunting in the state — a friend who went to one of Banko’s hospitals for treatment.

“The same thing happened in that instance,” Banko said. “People got curious and accessed things they shouldn't have accessed. And we did the same thing then: We terminated them.”

Violations of the act, however, rarely result in federal criminal charges. Criminal penalties range from a $ 50, 000 fine and one year in prison to a fine of $ 250, 000 and a prison sentence of 10 years.

Most complaints about violations of the law go the Office of Civil Rights within the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, which can investigate them and slap health-care providers with administrative sanctions. [Oddly, Tom Daschle's appointment to head of the HHS was toppled just yesterday]

According to James Hodge, an associate professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Maryland,“But then you still have to wonder,” he said, “why is there not more limited access to those records — especially with a prominent individual when you could really expect an unauthorized person would get overly curious ? Why does the hospital allow any employee access to records they do not need to see ?”

Mr. Cheney's past escapades have raised the ire of both animal activists and political watchdog groups. In December, 2003, he visited a game farm in Pennsylvania. When gamekeepers released 500 pen-reared pheasants, he shot 70 and ordered them plucked and vacuum-packed. The Humane Society of the United States exposed Mr. Cheney's "canned hunt."

Another trip a few week later raised allegations of conflict of interest. In early 2004, it was revealed Mr. Cheney had gone on a duck hunt in southern Louisiana with Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, an old friend. The trip took place in January, 2004, three weeks after the high court agreed to hear a controversial case involving the Vice-President.

On the scene in Memphis, police Chief Robert Paudert stated that Pierce may be transferred to a burn center in Ohio. Officials said he was in critical condition.

"It's a terrorist attack on Dr. Pierce," Paudert said. "We just don't know why someone would do this... We're going to find out."

Former V.P. Cheney hauntingly echoed similar words today in his first interview since being replaced late last month by Joseph Biden. Cheney in comments made to suggested that the policies of Barack Obama could/and or would directly lead to new "terror" attacks on U.S. soil.

Obviously, I have NO idea if the bomb planted in Dr. Pierce's Lexus comes as an indirect result of his proximity to the current case of Curtis Lavelle Vance (who has plead not guilty), the lone suspect in the rape, robbery and murder of Anne Pressley. All I do know is that a perfect conspiracy only works with proper patsies, people on the inside willing to look the other way at the right moment, and as much separation as possible from the actual crime to the true culprit.

The only other Internet chatter on the Pressley case involves White Supremacist Organizations web-based forums, which I will not dignify posting here. It is also interesting to note that in my earlier postings on this case, I specifically pointed out the strong connections to such groups, which was very much in the air at the time.

I'm just sayin....


Anonymous said...

plucked and vacuum-packed eh?

between the investments in amerika's profitprisons and his "hunting" excursions, this guy and his associates just cant get enough blood, cain they?

reminds me of goya's "There they go, plucked"

yr intution's right on this one todd, it's got a long trail behind and ahead

mustn't say too much here, it's complicated -- but mr chain-he last appeared in my Dec 6 post, "PBR Streetgang Come In, Over" -- in which a texas prosecutor, one Juan Angel Guerra, attempted to indict mr macho and his Vanguard Corp.

an attempt to ban the Ban, as it were

cheers, ray

FilmNoir23 said...


Email me directly...I'd like to discuss any details you might have!

Ben Fairhall said...
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FilmNoir23 said...

Indeed he did...and I did before that with Krumpus which also is related directly.

The Secret Sun said...

Didn't Ross Perot basically tell us that Arkansas was a duchy for the Redneck Mafia during the debates in 92?

Anonymous said...

hi todd

i'm afraid that e-mail (at least mine!) is no more private than this blog -- so what i can write is limited so as not to put others at (further) risk

looks like you, ben, and loren coleman have touched most of the bases, but cant quite connect the thematic undercurrents

i responded here because of the "memphis" overlap with my most recent post -- memphis=egypt, thus indicating the presence of bondage, torture, murder and enslavement

also, my post "PBR Streetgang" was written on Dec 5, without (conscious) knowledge of your Dec. 5 correspondences

so i took the hints. . .

cheney, bush, clinton, robinson/obama etc, and their equivalents throughout the other western nations --these are extensions of Empire, particularly egyptian, babylonian, and roman strains

Bruges is a Mary-time port, shaped like an egg (feminine generative) and carrying the Commonwealth's prefix BRU (brutal, brew etc)

artists have named it "Bruges-the-Dead" and "The Dead City" long before current events

it's historically connected to Temple Bruer in Lincolnshire by the (ahem) sheep/wool trade, so the templar/commonwealth/goddess-worshipping influence is far more than "myth"

the "leaders" of the west share this orientation, as well as an apparently chromosonal thirst for blood and torture -- these are weak men who strive to present themselves as strong, and their homosexual/sadistic proclivities dont fit the image, so the activities are arranged in ways that satisfy their cravings, while maintaining their fronts of "patriarchal icons"

loren coleman does a good job intuiting connections with dendermonde, ledger, etc (incl. mumbai btw)

and as he mentions, The Last Judgment indeed figures in -- at the heart of these matters, as loren suggests via the plot of "In Bruges" is "the killing of the little boy"

that's the issue here, writ a trillionfold -- the commonwealth's queen and servants ever seek to torture and enslave masculinity, which of course is a threat (the only threat) to such beings, as the commonwealth's agents are inauthentic males, a fact that rather grates psychologically :O)

without understanding these basics, none of these occult activities will ever cohere -- only seem like loosely connected events (eg, the presence of a Commonwealth agent, Bush, at a fundraiser for Mike Johanns, just before the Omaha Mall shootings -- the same day agent Cheney met with future victim Pressley)

capiche? various beheadings go down, and these agents are types of Johannites. . . . Bush conveniently leaves town, then ka-boom at the mall . . . the Joker's idea of humor . . . Jokela High School


Krampus -- yes, does fit -- it means "claw" basically, as you guys point out, and i've written pretty extensively about the word "chela" in conjuction with the (Re)arising of the New Woman Order and sorcery . . . it's the claw or pincer of a sea crustacean or scorpion

Chel-sea Clinton, the Chelsea Hotel, England's Chelsea, etc.

i gotta go now, will try to finish up this comment thread later, following the Krumpus stuff


FilmNoir23 said...

Thanks Ray! Ummm, speaking just for myself here, I think we do all get it...but I'm not ever likely to go around calling anyone a rapist or murderer in print. I think it is VERY much implied that is what I believe without spelling it out.

It doesn't make any sense for me to do that frankly. That and I don't have any real proof anyway...

But painting the picture is what we do collectively quite well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ray! Ummm, speaking just for myself here, I think we do all get it...but I'm not ever likely to go around calling anyone a rapist or murderer in print. I think it is VERY much implied that is what I believe without spelling it out....


ok todd, apologies for the postus interruptus and my tendency to (over)reiteate themes etc

havent been able to review all you guys' posts on this subject, but if i can finish up this thread i'll stop hogging yr blog

the "killing of the little boy" as you guys put it -- whether it's an actual child or the boy that lives inside all (unbroken) men -- that will always get my attention, and i'll name as many names of torturers and murderers and their enablers as necessary, that's the least of their problems

of these contexts, in his oct. 27, 2008 post coleman properly cites the Dec 5 "coincidence" of Krampus (which should not have dovetailed with Perchten, as they are v different rites with v different collective tags)

currently, Krampus is a healthy sublimation of something v unhealthy -- a compensation in certain european subcollectivites . . . it's an example of the Dreaming Mind trying to "equalize pressure" and heal itself -- the birching moves from its longstanding and traditional status of brutality, overwhelmingly against defenseless boys and men, into a nontraumatic gesture BY local males towards young females

the terrible violence of the human history of flogging -- so destructive and traumatic both to individuals and to the Dreaming Mind -- is shifted to consciousness by the annualization of the rite, its extreme viciousness transformed into frivolity and indirect/nontraumatic sexuality (like hemingway called sex the 'good destruction')

the Mari-time elements so common to the walking pathologies enslaving this planet (eg, the "piracy" of skull and bones, which grew out of the various maritime bondages and crimes of the east india company via templarism etc) have always relied on torture, murder, drugging, blackmail etc to enrich themselves and consolidate power

but the underlying Working is designed always to traumatize and intimidate the Dreaming Mind, to effect deep (and sometimes irreparable) damage not only to individuals, but to the World Soul, such that continuity of enslavement proceeds uninterrupted

propaganda aside, the vast majority of this damage was/is inflicted on human males because, as in "eden," they represent the threat to the commonwealth

"birching" -- even v recently -- was not always such a light/sublimated activity, and modern peoples are v ignorant of what actually occurs when someone is flogged, caned, birched etc. -- a v v common form of punishment in male prisons until recently, and of course in wide historical use as a form of torture and psychological subjugation

last dec. 24 i posted "This Shouldn't Be" about the regular sadistic and reptilian whipping of little guys at a Mari-anna, Florida "home for boys" -- the men named in that article are STILL struggling, every day, with the psychospiritual fallout from their abuse and the abuse of other helpless lads

like them, the Dreaming Mind does not -- can not -- forget nor integrate such malevolent trauma, particularly in an american society which encourages the mass caging of boys and men, and further encourages their torture and rape while helpless in those cages

recently on another site i saw a prominent synchromystic wish "prison justice" on a man he does not know for that man's actions -- a blogger who, no doubt, considers himself a scourge of the PTB

another godling 'mongst 6 billion!

instead, like most of us, mr judgment HANDS the scourge to the PTB

mass impression, the torture of boys and men at sea, the commonplace of the shanghai-ing of boys and men at port towns (Port-land, Oregon being a little-known center for such enslavement, with much of the current central-downtown once devoted to clubs that fronted for shanghai-ers . . . with huge warrens and holding-cages running beneath the bar-district to the waterfront)

once mr and ms fayrow are deposed and this is all over, and it's OK (and safe) to be a little boy -- and to conserve the goodness of that little boy into manhood -- i can put up my own stick

until then, the floggers and slavers, the prison barons and baronesses like cheney, the bushies, hillary, obama, ramesses II and all the rest of the strutting little fucks should start running, not that it'll help them

thanks again to you, ben, and loren coleman for exploring these events and their inner natures, if i think of anything else vaguely relevant i promise to screed it on my own blog lol