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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Starman: The Strange Case of Steve Fossett Part VIII

Fossett's Pilot's liscense and cash recovered in California Mtns.

One day after personal items thought to belong to missing aviator Steve Fossett were located in the Mammoth Lakes mountains of Central California (located due West of Lake CROWLEY), search efforts were restarted and his plane has been located and identified...main problem, his body hasn't.

"They did locate an aircraft which we have now confirmed is the one Steve Fossett was flying when it disappeared last Labor Day," Sheriff John Anderson told reporters at a news conference in Mammoth Lakes.

The plane apparently crashed head-on into the side of a mountain, and the damage was "so severe I doubt someone would've walked away from it," the sheriff said.

So, the question remains...Where is Steve Fossett? As reported here in the article The Strange Case of Steve Fossett UPDATED, an individual claims to be receiving transmissions from Steve Fossett who they claim told them in one such interview conducted on March 25th, 2008 that he had passed into a higher plain of existence with the help of "Pleiatians". Below is the reprinted introduction from that transmission [the entire transcript is included at the link above]:

"My name is Steven Fossett. On September 3, 2007, while I was flying over the Nevada desert, I was directed to a place of undetermined origin, which at this time, I must be quite vague about. This place allowed me to enter a creosonic portal. This portal forms a folded vacuum into a much higher frequency, which allows me to experience a whole new concept of living. I was asked if I would travel into this opening into a higher frequency and share my experience with others. I decided to take on this huge task."

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Subsequently in the comment section of the Sept. 16th post, the following message was left by a Richard Presser:

"I have an update to this story:

I had watched Steve's amazing feats over the years, marvelling at his capacity to test the limits of the envelope in so many, many ways and was saddened by his bizarre ending.

You can imagine, then, my surprise when, on April 16, 2008 I received an email from an acquaintance of mine which included the following;
“Another amazing thing happened yesterday evening! I found a Link in the Lightbox on the Snoedel site, to a message by Steve Fossett, who disappeared in 2007....” (More readily, see for this and other messages.)
......”After some minutes I wondered how it would be like, living at the other side as Steve now did. And then all of a sudden I feel a new energy, that appeared to be Steve Fossett himself. And guess what he asked me to do? To draw your attention to his channelled information! Keep me informed!”

Needless to say, I was a little surprised by this email, although I was already aware of these reported channellings by his friend Jerry Brown. I had read them with interest but had not given them much attention as they were not of any relevance to me – or so I thought.

The following day (my time) I received a second email containing the following;
“In addition to my earlier email today, Steve should like you to ask (name deleted) to be the for your questions available channel (sic). Obviously he is looking forward to having a means of communication with you.”

This had become impossible to ignore, so I began to follow it up. I had no idea what this could be about. I was unable to contact the individual suggested, so I emailed my dear friend and extraordinary channel, Carolyn Evers. Carolyn made contact with Steve.

Some weeks went by and I occasionally asked Carolyn what was happening in her conversation with Steve. Gradually it emerged that he wanted to share with the world what had happened to him. More importantly, he had a message he wanted to share with the world about what was unfolding in our very near future.

Steve explains how he disappeared – “My aircraft with me inside flew into what appeared to be a great light. I know this sounds like some science fiction story, but I had seen these lights in the past and I wanted to investigate. The lights didn’t seem to be permanently attached to the Earth, but rather seemed to float down from higher up.

“As I came closer, the light seemed to be behind what appeared to be a mist. Then that is all I remember until I woke up from what appeared to be a sleep and found myself upon a table. Nothing prepared me for this experience.

“I had beings around me and they seemed friendly enough, but definitely not of the Earth variety. They didn’t seem quite like what one would think of when they think of extraterrestrials, but rather they were more humanoid-like in appearance, but again they were ethereal and I must say gentle.”

He then explains why he wants to communicate with us – “Therefore, I am on a mission of sorts. There is nothing that I can do to come back and since I am here, I am willing to do what I can to help awaken people to not only the pursuits of the military to control the world, but to tell people what lay before them by way of earth changes and weather changes.”

This extraordinary information is being released by Carolyn in e-book form on the Anniversary of Steve’s disappearance, September 3rd, 2008. You will find it at I’m sure you will find it as fascinating as I did. I have no doubt those who knew Steve personally will recognise what is written as coming from Steve, because of the personal details he shares and the way he speaks about aspects of his life. This is breathtaking material and will change how most of us view ourselves and our world."

Stay tuned...

***DISCLAIMER: I do not personally endorse nor do I profit from ANY sales of Carolyn Evers ebook of transmissions with Steve Fossett.

***It should be noted that in a statement released by the National Transportation Safety Board late Thursday: "A very small amount of human remains has been found in the wreckage"


Anonymous said...

Re you guys crazy? was simple plane crash and he died, all there is to it. That region is littered with plane wrecks that never went discovered, we're lucky we found Fossett's wreck site. And they already said that some human remanins were found which settles everything.

FilmNoir23 said...

hey ANONYMOUS (figures), why is it exactly that I am crazy??? If you would have bothered to follow my work (or actually even read it)you'd know that I have taken NO actual position on Steve Fossett, I have merely provided some alternative information for people to digest...that makes me crazy?

Again, I have also provided information that remains were found at the wreckage site...

If you're going to go around calling people crazy, have the balls to at least own up to WHO YOU are...

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Richard Presser said...

I can understand why anonymous may think some of this is crazy. It cuts completely across the generally held perception of reality. That perception just happens to be inaccurate. An additional comment to my earlier piece on Steve. The wreck that's just been found will prove to be a hoax. Watch this space... We can discuss motive when what I have said has unfolded.

Kind Regards,


Anonymous said...

Don't think the alleged fact that the plane has now been found and DNA verified to be Steve Fossett's makes his experience any less valid or believable. What does aid those who are sceptical are details that get posted which are not accurate at all as in Mary Mageau's 'testimonial' that SF went missing over the White Sands Proving Grounds (now the WS Missile Range) which is over 1000 miles away in New Mexico. Those kind of 'discrepancies' tend to make one pause and question the validity of not only those posts, but those who propogate them. I, for one, can reconcile that the physical evidence is real but that he has also emerged in light form on the other side and is expressing the experience in the best way that he can.

Can't we all just get along? :)

FilmNoir23 said...


I didn't realize that WE weren't getting along? If you have read my entire collection of work on Steve Fossett, you'd know that I have been one of the hardest working researchers on the topic. However, the intervention of Carolyn Evers and those who claim to be in contact with him is totally up in the air.

Most of the information provided via Ms. Evers turned into a rather tiresome advert for Barack Obama's Presidential bid. I find that rather offensive frankly...perhaps even more so from "the other side"

Richard Presser is quick to point out in Oct. that the discovery of the wreckage would turn out to be a this day, I don't see that the "hoax" side of things has panned out.

I work from a base of curiously open skepticism until I SEE proof or feel fully convinced based on the amount of REAL WORLD documentation that is available...Personally, I have seen nothing overly convincing as to the claims that SF is speaking from another realm.

I would be more than happy to experience something first hand that might change my mind but until someone comes forth with such "proof" that doesn't come with a price tag, I am unconvinced.

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with you Film...and I strongly believe and support the ongoing and much needed 'light' work, but personally feel hoaxed about the hoax being suggested by some. We don't need less credibility out there, we need more.

As a former AF pilot, who has been to crash sites, it's amazing how small a crash area can be when one runs into a mountain and how small the parts are when that happens. I've seen 40,000lb airplanes reduced to pieces no larger than a dinner plate and all contained within a hundred foot or so area. It's not surprising at all that it's taken so long to find the crash site and that there are very view remains. That doesn't mean that others aren't communicating with SF...I hope they are, but why does it need to be aggrandized? Never understand it when that happens.

Less politics, less sensationalism, less hoaxes and less conspiracty theories, more love and work...would serve us all better in my humble opinion...and I mean no offense to anyone with that statement.